They prevent unwanted pregnancies, unnecessary abortions, anxiety , depression from regrets, diseases and the virus called HIV/Aids.

A woman should never rely on a man to make sure the condom is placed on right, it takes two to make it right and two heads are better than one.

The thinner and more translucent the condom the better. You can get free condoms at anonymous HIV testing centers in every major city.

Never practice raw sex with a lover you have not been tested with or has not had a recent check up, does not practice monogamy, has a history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Most people who abuse either drugs or alcohol have been known to engage in high risk sexual behavior.

Never use oil based products with condoms as they deteriorate the condom. Using Vaseline/Lotion is so ghetto and trifling, that’s what lube is for. There are all now all natural lubes on the market and for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, Doctors recommend only Silicone based lubes as they last long and don’t dry up fast.

Before having sex know partners first/last name and or residents so if they give you something you can make them pay for your medical expenses and or report them to the CDC.

When engaging in sex with a new partner and your the receiver ( woman or male ), never assume that the condom is still on, always check periodically. Some men are known to pull the condom off to feel you and hurry up and place the condom back on.

Keep condoms in cool , dark places, in draw next to bed in a cool room, that way you wont break the mood. Hot rooms breaks down condoms. Long nails, course pubic hair and too much thrusting on rough pubes can break condoms. If that is a concern then choose Latex but still be careful. If you have course or long pubes, hair conditioning after showering and moisturizing with an oil free lotion before sex would not only soften your pubic hair but the whol eexperience.  

Before having sex take a shower with your partner. You never know what they might have done before they came to you. Showering in a bright bathroom allows you to see what going on with their body, like potential out breaks or rashes/bumps, so heaving sex with out the lights on despite body insecurities is incompetent and takes a lot of the fun out. Sometimes when your horny you are not thinking. Some people have sex addictions and they are only concerned about getting a NUT. This is why sex with out love is most of the time riskier than sex with love. A loving and responsible partner usually would protect you. Partners who are health conscious ( eat well, sleep well and exercise ) are usually more mentally stable and responsible, which brings me to Depression. Those who suffer with depression and don’t manage the disease also are known to practice riskier sexual behavior out of low self esteem. Depression, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, etc are nothing to play around with and its a discussion widely ignored in the African American, Latino/Hispanic/Russian/East Asian and East African Muslim communities to name a few. Those are the communities most affected by HIV.

It is widely suspected that the first contact with HIV/Syphilis or any major sexually transmitted diseases was from European colonials and Travelers. Traveling abroad is fun but what you may be exposing yourself to is questionable, from Unknown diseases, parasites, worms, etc. Having sex with a person who civilized, health conscious and low risk is key. :-)

Lets discuss a rumor or myth. That Black men are considered High risk sex partners because of HIV and unwanted pregnancies. That can happen with any race and studies are showing that Eastern Europe, East Asia and Many other demographics not associated with the Black race are experienced high infection rates. Some places in Africa, America and abroad are starting to see a slight decline in HIV because of meds for pregnant women and Adults.  

Choose your partners wisely. Judging a partner based on attraction or endowment would only leave you with bad experiences. If they keep a clean home and body, flossing etc then those are signs that they may be safer. Just my opinion and experience. I’m a very picky.